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Quick Poll: Pavel or Seba For Sunday?

You've got the young talent eager to prove his worth vs. the old guard who's steady hand has calmed our nerves time and time again. So this Sunday, who get's the start? With Marchionni set to replace Camoranesi, it would seem logical to anchor down our midfield with some of the Czech's invaluable experience. However with Milan next week and Champions around the corner, it could be wise to save Goldie Locks' strength much like what Ranieri has already done for Alex leaving him at home.

This choice might be easier for some than others, many of us have been painfully waiting to feel Giovinco's true impact with Juventus' first team. But with Inter's 3-0 victory today over Lazio, we might have to wait a little while longer to see him net his next start. "I will put in place the best team as I respect Lecce a lot, as well as Beretta, who did very well in Parma and Siena" says Ranieri. "If we lose Inter would run away, therefore we have to do our best, knowing that we will play against a difficult team to overcome; they all fight behind the ball line and restart in counterattack. We have to think only about ourselves. Opponents will do their best, and we have to play at 110% to win in Lecce".