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Camoranesi, I Know What You're Feeling... Literally

It hurts to seperate your shoulder. Those of you who've gone through it know what I'm talking about. A few months ago I was lucky enough to experience it first hand on tape. Camoranesi had a scare tonight and it's unclear yet whether or not he'll sidelined for next week's game. Hopefully he'll be fine. I on the other hand... well I'll let the footage speak for itself.

[update from Channel4...]

"There is more bad injury news for Juventus, as Mauro Camoranesi is out until 2009 after dislocating his shoulder. The midfielder fell heavily on to his right shoulder during the opening minutes of Saturday’s 4-0 victory over Reggina. Despite barely being able to move his arm, he insisted on carrying on and even scored the opening goal. However, at half-time doctors were able to inspect it carefully and discovered he had dislocated it. While not completely knocked out of joint, it is still an injury that will keep Camoranesi out of action for at least three weeks. This means his 2008 is over and he will not be able to play again until the new year, when Gianluigi Buffon and David Trezeguet are also expected back. It has been a disastrous few months for Camoranesi, who has suffered a series of injury setbacks."