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Completely Offtopic: Find Your Surname in Italy (and USA)

Alright, so the derby loss is hurting a bit less. Can't win them all in the San Siro, I guess. We'll just have to get revenge in the Olimpico.

I'm posting this because I thought it was pretty damn cool. This is an Italian genealogical website which maps your surname in Italy based on population surveys. It also has a map for the USA for us Yanks/non-Italians who might be interested on the left-hand side. It's not perfect, one of my friends names did not come up at all, but I think it's pretty rare name anyways. My last name, Giambattista, not surprisingly shows up as dominantly in Foggia, which is where the family originally is from many years ago. It's pretty fun to play around with, and for you stranieri, you might even pick up some "Johnsons" in Italia.