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Inter-Juventus; Liveblog

Inter-Juventus, is there anything bigger? Let's get a result, boys.

11'- Just got back from driving my friend from the airport. I charged him $100 extra for making me miss the first 10 minutes, jackass.
How the hell did Tiago injure himself in the first two minutes? Way to waste a sub, jackass. You're back in my bad book again.
12'- First few movements have looked very nervy for Juventus. We're playing pretty high trying to catch them offside, but it's sort of worked and perhaps just importantly, it gives us tifosi massive heart attacks.
13'- Two corners to Inter. Manninger punches the 2nd one out and it's eventually pushed up to midfield when a poor pass from Molinaro gives Inter possession.
14'- First real pressure from Juventus (that' I've seen) as Amauri's header is just off-target.
18'- Nice one-two passing between Amauri and Del Piero but not the same communication with Amauri and Nedved.
22'- HOW was that not a penalty? Muntari just flattened Marchionni in the box, but as my stream has no audio (lovely) I can't tell if there was a whistle earlier.
23'- They are replaying the penalty after Amauri got a yellow-card, presumably for some foul before the referee allowed. Definitely was significant contact, that's some horseshit refereeing right there.
26'- Our midfield needs to get into the game. Or Inter's midfield. It's pretty much been straight from one end to the other.
29'- Yellow card to Legrottaglie because Mourinho coaches these 180lbs guys (probably 220 for Adriano) to flop at any contact. Following free kick is tapped over the bar by Manninger.
30'- WHAT AN ERROR FROM LEGRO. Wow, completely uncharacteristic of Jesus-him, that was '03 form. Gifts Ibra a one-on-one chance who shoots wide. Jesus I just had a heart attack. Definitely some serious nerves in the Juve camp.
32'- Del Piero gets flattened while dribbling, no obstruction call. This ref is not starting the game well.
34'- Adriano's shot goes wide, and he complains. Adriano is just funny to watch, it's like the local gym, a sweating fatass complaining.
35'- What a beastly tackle from Sissoko.
36'- Invisible foul from Amauri on Samuel. Wow, this ref is just getting all these small calls wrong. At least he let Sissoko's tackle go.
37'- You can hear "Ale Forza Juve" chants in the crowd. Beautiful.
38'- Nice counterattack from Juventus but Marchionni's final touch lets him down.
39'- Ibra dribbles, dribbles, and eventually just flees Chiellini. At least Ibra has a good memory.
42'- Wow, this ref is shit. He's calling all these invisible fouls against our forward. Great job Collina, your refs are developing wonderfully.
43'- Marchisio lets a good shot fly, tipped over the bar by Julio Cesar.
44'- Bad communication between Manninger and our defense. Muntari lets a shot fly but well saved by Manninger. Alex punches out the resulting corner.
Half over.

Halftime thoughts- The first half was not good for us, no doubt. As I expected, Mourinho sprung with a 4-4-2, although with Adriano up front instead of Julio Cruz. Inter's had the better of the first half, certainly in terms of chances in front of goal. Juve's nerves are clearly getting to them, and Mourinho has coached his players to constantly create pressure so we're just playing a bit hasty and nervously. Manninger has kept us in the game thus far, no doubt. We need to calm down a bit. Our offside trap has worked all but once, and we got lucky on another call. I've never been a fan of the offside trap mostly because it scares the shit out of me. Calm down, start playing our game, and Camoranesi eventually, maybe 60' or so. Marchionni just isn't playing up to par right now.

46'- Nedved gets pushed over and Ibra gets knocked over, who gets the call? Duh, Inter. Either let the game flow or call everything, Rizzoli.
47'- Del Piero chests it and volleys well, but he was offside. Right call.
49'- Yellow card to Materazzi for a late slidetackle on Del Piero.
51'- Maicon practically jumps on Chiellini in the deep corner, free kick to Juventus. This is Molinaro's 100th game in Serie A apparently, why don't you grab a goal?
52'- Amauri and Materazzi are both wearing those horrendous new bright-pink Nike boots. Why don't you guys get a room?
53'- Yellow cards to Samuel for running through Amauri. Afterwords, he gets fires off some snot-rockets. Haha, I'd be a liar if I said I didn't do that on the pitch.
55'- I like how the team passes as much as they can to avoid Sissoko. He's no regista.
56'- Stankovic fires a shot in and deflects off of Legrottaglie's arm, but it was pretty much point blank.
57'- Good tackle from Sissoko who barreled over by Muntari. Ok, if the foul is that blatant you can stop play.
58'- I see Herbalife sponsorship in the stadium. I guess where Beckham goes, the sponsors follow?
60'- Stankovic is getting some magic spray off to the side. On a side note, I found out this week that Sissoko is married and has a kid.
61'- Sissoko fires in a cross. See comment from 55'.
62'- Great tackle from Chiellini. Our defense has looked a lot less nervy than in the first half.
63'- We've looked better in the 2nd half, but we still don't look like scoring. Let's hope for a movement of genius.
64'- Long ball to Ibra who's more or less 1v1 with Manninger, but Ibra again fires wide. Big game choker? Looks that way thus far.
66'- Free kick to Juve for handball on Maxwell, goes too far, Sissoko crosses again. Not as awful as before, but still no result.
69'- Substitution, Mauro Camoranesi for Marchionni. Good.
70'- Muntari can't latch onto a through-pass from Ibra, goal kick to Juve. Muntari is one ugly motherfucker.
72'- Fuck. He gets it this time. 1-0 Inter, tapped in from Muntari.
75'- We're playing like shit again. Come on guys, get some fucking possession.
76'- All 3 of our subs are up. Iaquinta on for Amauri, who has been pretty anonymous today.
79'- Mourinho is playing the long-ball, just like he did at Chelski. Yawn.
80'- What a save from Julio Cesar, Del Piero of all people throws in a great header after Camoranesi easily dribbles past Maxwell for a corner.
82'- Julio Cruz on for Adriano, who really should get a weight-watchers membership. Ibra has done some stuff today, Adriano has kind of been a target for long the ball and that's about it.
83'- Burdisso for Stankovic.
86'- Chiellini gets knocked down by Materazzi but somehow it's Giorgio's foul. It's been one of those days.
89'- A video of Stankovic embracing Muntari. Seems like Capello's Juve, a team built on mercenaries.
90'- Game over.