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Tacchinardi, Grant, Mancini, and other Questions/Rants

-Can anyone tell me what the FIGC-equivalent of Argentina was smoking when they hired Maradona? Sure, he's inspirational. Sure, he's the country's legend. But the guy has little-to-no coaching experience, and the little he had was pretty crappy. I feel a lot more secure about Italy's chances in WC2010 with Dunga, Maradona, and Domenech leading their respective countries.

I miss this guy.

-So, is Tacchinardi going to retire? He's been out of contract since this summer, but I haven't read or seen anything that says he's going to hang up his boots. After being loaned out to Villarreal for two seasons, he signed a two year contract with Brescia, who decided against taking him up on a 3rd year. Could be a sad, quiet ending to a great career.

-On the subject of being out of contract (sort of) is Avram Grant getting another job? People lauded him for getting to the Champion's League. Here's my take: he carried Mourinho's team, not a great coach. Credit Chelski's success/almost-success to Abrahimovic and (gasp) Claudio Ranieri, who set the team on its' way with Lampard, Cech, Terry. Mourinho gets some credit for a few of his transfers and a winning mentality. Nevertheless, you'd think Grant's CV could at least land him a temp job at say, Newcastle.

-Speaking of coaches, Roberto Mancini; Get a job already. We're sick of midtable clubs asking for your services and then hearing your agent pimp you out and pretend that Chelski and Real Madrid are gonna swoop. I hear the Toro will have an opening, but you'll have to beat out Roberto Donadoni for that job.

-Juventus 2008-2009, 30th Scudetto. Proof nice guys (Ranieri) can win silverware. Let's hope we kick off the campaign by him getting some measure of personal revenge by beating out the Asshole One.

-Insightful words from Channel4. Why won't Ibra win the Ballon d'Or? Cause he's a big-game choker. I don't understand how people don't get this. However, if a certain player scores enough goals against crappy sides and the rest of the team wins the important game (since Ibra goes AWOL faster than Bush), there may be precedent to claim the Golden Ball (no, not you Beckham): CR7, of course, is the favorite for the award this year.

-Is Zdenek Grygera underrated? I don't know if we signed him with the intent to be backup to Zebina or not, but I always though he'd win the spot, he's got the pedigree: Czech national regular, spent time with Ajax, etc. Defensively he is solid, and he's always a good outlet bombing up front, whether delivering good crosses (at least one of our fullbacks does) or scoring the goal himself. Let's hope he can continue, because our fullbacks are generally shit.

-We're putting a string of great results together without Buffon, Trezeguet, Camoranesi, and Zanetti. Life will somehow go on after these great men hang up their boots. Speaking of which, I'm warning everyone 5-6 months in advance, when Pavel waves goodbye to the Stadio Olimpico, I will be tearing up. But they will be tears of manliness in respect to a passionate man who personifies everything good (and bad) about football.

-Gigi Buffon says Federico Marchetti is a keeper to watch for the future. Next time instead of speaking to the media, Superman should edit his English-language Wikipedia which is woefully empty.

-Chiellini+Legro for Italia. Just not this week.

-Facebook needs to stop advertising to me to buy AS Roma jerseys and scarves. There is absolutely nothing in my Facebook with the word Roma in it, I assume their word association ad game linked it to Roma. Epic fail, boys. The only non-Juve thing I have on there is my membership in the group "Più recente "il primo uomo sulla luna", che la Champions dell'Inter!!!" Which, as awesome as it is, has nothing to do with Roma.

That's all for me today. Thoughts, as always, are welcome in the comments below.