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An Unabashed Ripped-Off Quiz

So we have four days till the next game, incredible. Four days! That's one more than usual. The good news is after taking on Genoa at home, we've got a good week-and-a-half break (in which there's an international friendly) before the Derby d'Italia at the San Siro. I really hope Lippi leaves most of the Juventini at home, Chiellini definitely has to go but he might leave ADP, Iaquinta, and Camoranesi at home. Amauri and Buffon not going for obvious reasons.

So anyways, to break it up from the normal posts, I'm ripping off Laurie (of the front page, LA Galaxy, and France WCB fame) and doing a little picture quiz......all of the following 10 photos are eye-shots of Juventus people, past or present. Coaches, players, management, Moggi, all fair game. Post your guesses/answers down in the comment section below. Non-Juventini welcome to have a go as well.












While looking through pictures of former Juventini, I was pretty horrified to find that journeyman striker (4 years at Juve was his longest period) Fabrizio Ravanelli has a new career. I'm sure the porn industry is still hiring, Penna Bianca...certainly wouldn't be as far of a step down.