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Juventus v. Roma; a Liveblog of sorts

I'm going to do a liveblog, this extra hour really helped. I woke up about 45 minutes ago, ate some Oatmeal Squares (delicious cereal) and I'm raring to go for this game, should be a good one. Good stream here, it's FSC so delayed a few minutes, if you give it a few minutes it's pretty consistent.

Pregame news- Cobolli is willing to table Nedved a 1-year extension. That would be amazing. Nedved sounded hesitant and indicated he'd probably decline it, but damn, how awesome would one year more of Pavel be? Damn, ESPN360 doesn't have this game either. Their quality has declined a lot in the last month, they used to have most of the games. Now they don't even have all the games per time-slot.

Juan: Look ma, no hands!

0'- Tiago is playing. Hell has truly frozen over.
1'- Good cross from Marchionni from the right wing a little high, Panucci battles it out with Nedved but it doesn't look like either got a real touch on it.
3'- We're looking dangerous, if Amauri can stay on his feet. Fast throw-in to Nedved while Panucci is complaining, commentator says "This is why Roma are failing, they don't have discipline. Rather than track back and ignore the call, Panucci is arguing it and he's caught out of position."
4'- On the contrary, Tiago makes a challenge. Ranieri must have the boys well-disciplined, it's good to see them tracking back.
5'- If this was hockey, Roma would have 2-3 icing calls already. Riise really needs to dye his hair...not blond.
7'- Kinda bouncing through streams here, all of them are just obscenely choppy. I don't care about quality, just don't skip every 3 seconds.
8'- Well, a win would seemingly confirm we're over our crisis, and send Roma possibly into the relegation zone and eliminate them from Scudetto contention. A nice pick me up ahead of the Madrid game.
10'- Tiago is really impressing me, he's actually breaking a sweat in midfield and winning back possession. I thought he was a waste of bench space this season, but maybe he'll get a good run in the team.
12'- Nice backheel from Baptista puts Juve in some serious pressure, but calmly cleared by Legrottaglie.
13'- Roma have woken up, finally. This should be a good game.
Probably should have mentioned this earlier, lineups:
Juventus (4-4-2) Manninger; Grygera, Chiellini, Legrottaglie, Molinaro; Marchionni, Tiago, Sissoko, Nedved; Amauri, ADP
Roma (4-2-3-1) Doni; Riise, Juan, Mexes, Panucci; Pizarro, De Rossi; Taddei, Perrotta, Vucinic; Baptista
14'- Stupid challenge from Panucci on Nedved results in a yellow card for the Roma player. 35 year old v. 36, this should be called the Battle of the Retirement Homes.
17'- Del Piero attempts a long range shot but it goes nowhere. Great pass from Marchionni to Del Piero in the box but his first touch lets him down, that was a great opportunity.
18'- Bad bad first touch from Sissoko results in a Roma attack, but nothing comes of it.

19'- Wow, more slack defending. A dangerous cross that Chiellini taps into the bar..Giorgio, no mistakes!
20'- Good ball in from Panucci, Baptista heads over. Baptista is looking good, someone needs to start marking him other than Tiago.
21'- Is this pitch shitty or what? Our defenders keep slipping on the ground.
22'- Well, Roma have decided to show up. Cross in to Baptista, and Tiago was again marking him. Tiago, I appreciate your rare defensive efforts, but you're not the guy to mark Baptista.
23'- First few minutes we dominated, since then we have looked absolute shit. Legrottaglie has been saving our ass.
23'- Mexes is schooled by Amauri but De Rossi covers for him in typical great fashion. If I could have any Romanista, it'd be De Rossi no doubt. That guy is class.
24'- No one is marking their forwards, Vucinic was just left open on the left wing. Where's that tracking back discipline we normally see?
27'- Del Piero hasn't really gotten in this game, but he fires well, well over.
28'- Good work on the right wing from Grygera but no good crosses into the center.
29'- Great play from Nedved, great cut back from Del Piero but Marchionni didn't make it there, De Rossi cleans up.
30'- Legrottaglie touches the ball out for a corner, Taddei wants a penalty but there's nothing there.
31'- Haha, short corner to Mexes who absolutely skies it, alla David Beckham's famous penalty.
32'- Great passing from Juventus results in another great chance, but not scored. That looks like the one-touch passing Roma fans love to wank to.

33'- Great free kick from Del Piero, Chiellini is unmarked and Doni makes an excellent save on a point-blank header. Almost got one of the predictions right. This game has not been one for either team's defenses, that's for sure. They've both been cut apart fairly easily.
34'- A brief spell of possession from Juve, but they don't look reserved.
35'- Molinaro flies down the left flank and puts in a good cross but Marchionni can't get on it, not like he'd put it in anyways, he makes Perrotta look cynical in front of goal.
36'- Amauri dribbles through 3 players, Riise makes a sliding challenge. Free kick to the Old Lady who is 111 today! Tanti auguri!!

37'- GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! DEL PIERO WITH ANOTHER MAGICAL FREE KICK AGAINST ROMA! SEI UN MITICO, CAPITANO! AMAZING!!! Curling free kick that just dips under the bar in the top left corner.
39'- Ohhhhhhh!!!! Almost a second goal from Del Piero, crossed in from Molinaro and Del Piero volleys it completely unmarked but just wide!
40'- They say you're always vulnerable to conceding when you've just scored a goal. I think it's hokey bullshit, but I believe every word of it.
41'- Some miscommunication there between Manninger and Grygera on who's going to pick up a long ball, good corner from Roma but it's cleared. Del Piero carries it out of defense.
43'- Apparently it's been raining the last week or so in Italy including last night, which kind of explains this slippery pitch. Juve has done well to build attacks.
45'- Great counterattack from Juventus, Amauri flops looking for a penalty, and De Rossi is pissed off as he walks off the pitch.

End of first half thoughts- Well, it's been really hit or miss. First 15 minutes Juventus dominated, next 15 minutes Roma did, and then the last 15 minutes we were on the attack again. Tiago was marking Baptista three times in front of goal, which is just a terrible, terrible decision. Tiago and Molinaro are working hard out there, it's good to see. Classic free kick from Del Piero...just beautiful. He really saves his best for the big games. Juventus might be a bit lucky to be up front right now as both sides have had great chances, but that's calcio.

45'- Menez has been subbed on for Taddei. Not sure if Taddei was injured, but it's a good substitution anyways, as Taddei wasn't really having an effect.

46'- What a save from Doni! Cross in and Amauri fires a sensational bicycle kick that was on-target but Doni gets a hand to it, amazing from Amauri. Del Piero fires in just wide from the left-flank. Doni has really kept Roma in the game, he's having one of his good days.

47'- GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! WE ARE ON FIRE! MARCHIONNI ACTUALLY GETS ONE IN!!! Juventus once again tears apart Roma, Mexes is nowhere to be seen!! Riise just lets Marchionni skip by!
48'- Great work from Del Piero to hold the ball, good pass to Marchionni who has a bad first touch but makes up for it with a nice little chip.
49'- More pressure thrown on in a corner, cleared by Roma, another corner for Juve. Sissoko wins back, Del Piero gets to the line and gets another corner! And what a terrible kick from Tiago, haha. I'll give him a pass on this one.
52'- Juventus continues attacking, Molinaro with a good cross in and Amauri heads just wide, with Doni and Mexes beaten.
53'- Roma is rested, we had a full 90 mid-week, let's bag a 3rd before fatigue sets in. Mexes and Juan make a good challenge in the box. Molinaro fires in, deflected from De Rossi. Another corner for Juventus. Roma does not look confident, heads are down. Amauri wins the header but well above.
55'- Juan clears out a long ball, corner, Sissoko tries a long ranger, someday he'll get one of those in. Menez gets his first touch of the game.
56'- Cichino is preparing to come on it looks, wonder if he'll come on for a defender or not.
57'- Rare spare of possession, great cross in from Vucinic and De Rossi was just a bit off from tapping it in. Wow, Panucci is off for Cicinho, that's a signal of "You are playing like shit" from Spaletti if anything, Nedved has clearly beaten him on the left-flank.
58'- Legrottaglie clears twice in the space of a minute, he has been an absolute beast. Grygera went on an amazing run through 3 Roma players and puts in a great through ball to Amauri who's called offside in a very, very tight decision.
59'- Sissoko clears up in midfield, Nedved with a splendid switch to Marchionni who crosses to a Del Piero header deflected. (wtf?) Corner to Juventus, Doni comes out to claim the corner.
60'- Another corner kick from Juventus. This is incredible, I've never seen so many in so short of time. Cicinho and Riise have completely disappear from the game, our midfielders and strikers are all tracking back very well on the counter to smother the attack.
61'- De Rossi clips Tiago a bit late, risks a possible yellow but apologizes. Another great ball, Nedved skips right past Cicinho and puts in a good ball but cleared out.
62'- After 20-30minutes of this game, I was worried a bit we looked shaky. But we are fucking DOMINATING. ANOTHER CORNER to Juventus.
64'- Baptista has disappeared since Vucinic started playing centrally, I have no idea what formation Roma is playing now. Menez dribbles down the left-wing but Grygera tackles well, corner to Roma.
65'- Crunching tackle from Sissoko which looked legit to me. Del Piero tracks back to be the lone wall on the free kick, Amauri clears...there's the difference.
66'- Roma are playing more or less a long ball attack...doesn't seem to work for them.
67'- This is the time for Ranieri to start thinking about subs, who will he rest for the game against Real Madrid on Wednesday? Nedved's played a lot recently, so has Sissoko and Marchionni. Del Piero and Grygera got a rest on Wednesday so I'd expect to see them stay on.
68'- Excellent play from Del Piero and a great pass to Amauri who fires in and another great save from Doni! As of now, De Rossi and Doni get a 7-8.....the rest of Roma gets a 3-4.
69'- Good long ball from Cicinho, Vucinic fluffs the volley and taps over. Pizarro out for is their formation now?! I guess this is the nuclear option, Spaletti knows this game has gone to shit and needs a goal, let's see if it works.
70'- Menez goes on a run and tumbles down, replay shows no contact.
71'- "Juan's going to have to be strong like he just was against Amauri, for the relegation battle that's coming up." FSC commentator, great stuff. I don't know if KJ is watching this game, but if not he's still gotta be grinning somewhere. 5th defeat in a row for Roma if the result holds......incredible.

72'- Iaquinta preparing to come on. Amauri is the one coming off, but he doesn't want to, neither would Del Piero though. Standing ovation from the crowd for Amauri, very very unlucky not to get a goal today. I'd like to see Nedved come off for Giovinco, but I don't think Ranieri will want to given Nedved's defensive contribution.
74'- As I say that, Nedved flattens Cicinho and plays a ball to Iaquinta but Vincenzo was offside.
75'- The FSC commentator made note of Nedved's beautiful flowing locks, I love it. Sissoko is a beast clearing up in front of defense.
76'- Some rare good play from Roma, Okaka crosses but Chiellini saves. Mellberg is coming in for RB for Grygera. Zdenek played a great game today, Mellberg is more defensive than him so it's a smart sub.
77'- Okaka cut his hair. Thank god. Grygera is massaging his leg, please, please be ok.
78'- Menez goes on a good run but clipped down by Marchionni. Free kick to Roma. Strong headed clearance from Chiellini. Good pass from De Rossi to Vucinic but he's offside.
79'- Another long ball from Mexes to Vucinic who is again offside.
80'- The Czech Fury finally gets his break, De Ceglie comes on, which is very surprisingly considering the most recent Juve medical notice said he was not going to be fit for another week or so. Standing ovation and chants of "pavel pavel nedved! nedved!" as he walks off the pitch.
81'- Pass to Menez who is offside. This is just sloppy concentration from the Roma strikers. Del Piero dribbles in the corner and wins a corner.
82'- Weird corner to the outside of the 18' and De Ceglie volleys it but blocked. Mellberg is down following a sandwich challenge from Baptista and Menez but looks ok.
83'- De Ceglie has looked very, very good. Hey, guess what. Juventus has as many "Turin born-and-bred" players as Roma does on the pitch. A very good chance for Juve as Del Piero almost puts in a killer pass to Marchionni. Pathetic shot from Baptista.
85'- Del Piero flagged offside, kinda drifted out. Long ball to Vucinic who is again offside, that's just poor concentration.
86'- The FSC commentators are debating the future of Tiago and Roma. Iaquinta almost puts in a 3rd goal as he breaks right away from the Roma center-backs. The question? Tiago has put in very two good performances, will he get any playing time once C. Zanetti, Marchisio and Poulsen is back? I don't know, but if he plays like he has today, I have no problem giving him a run in "smaller" games.
88'- Roma look like the team that played 90minutes on Wednesday, not us. Iaquinta has had some good chances, great delivery from Marchionni, Tiago, and Molinaro. Molinaro goes on a great run and gets an ovation from the crowd, a month ago he was being whistled. Molinaro grins as he jogs back, good to see him happy. He's played better this month than I ever saw last season.
89'- So what's the future of Roma? 5 consecutive defeats has to be some kind of record, and against Chelsea midweek it could be six. I'll leave it to Chris and the Roma Offside to answer that, but it'll be very interesting to see what happens.
90'- Roma have clearly given up, if they aren't offside, their strikers are not making the runs at all. 3 minutes of stoppage time.
90+1'- Richard Whittle of FSC says the difference of the teams is three things- #1- Del Piero, #2- the fullbacks, and of course, #3- confidence. Grygera and Molinaro have had great games today, providing attack and defense, Roma fullbacks have a habit of neglecting their defensive duties.
90+3'- Everyone at Juve has looked great today. GAME OVER. Juventus 2-0 Roma. Great result for us!! The boys link arms at midfield and go to celebrate another great result with the Curva Scirea, great to see that.

Postmatch thoughts- Well, at halftime I said we might be a little lucky to be ahead, but there is absolutely no doubt who deserved the 3 points here. Everyone on Juventus was working hard, both on offense and defense. After a shaky first 30minutes, our defense completely neutralized Roma's attack. Our centrocampistas won back the midfield for us, everyone played very well. Roma's attack just looked terrible out there, Vucinic was offside more than on, Baptista drifted in and out of the game, Perrotta had no real contribution and Menez had a few flashy moments but looked ineffectual. Roma's defense looked completely uncoordinated, Mexes and Panucci both had terrible games. Without De Rossi and Doni, this game easily could have ended 4-0.