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Juventus 2-1 Real Madrid: A Review in Pictures

Anything I could say doesn't convey the emotions I'm feeling right now. These do:

Preparing for the match. If any of you were wondering what the minute of silence was for (as I was) two Juventus fans were killed in a bus accident on the way to the stadium.

The master at work.

Perfect first touch, perfect power, perfect accuracy.

Someday, his doubters might learn.

This'll do for now.

This picture is too perfect...

Raul tries the rarely successful donkey-kick challenge.

Will it ever end.....hopefully he's alright.



Del Piero and Nedved celebrating Amauri's goal...they've been waiting a while for this.

Saluting i tifosi.

Straight beast today, he lives for these big games.

An absolute monster in midfield.

That's his o-face, ladies.

I haven't rewatched the goal to see who was culpable on this, but he was left totally unmarked.

Pumped for the win.

Del Piero saluting the tifosi.

Nedved celebrating with the fans.