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A Photo Tribute To Gianni Agnelli; The Greatest Juventino That Ever Lived

Nicknamed Five years ago yesterday, L'avvocato passed away. His name was Gianni Agnelli and his legacy, within the hearts of every Bianconeri, will never die. With his family taking over the club in 1923, Gianni will forever be remembered as having steered his beloved club into Italy's most successful-ever. For everything we have to celebrate and for all of the good which still remains with Juventus today, we will always stand by our club. From my own personal experience I can only draw upon my father's fond memories of the man as Gianni's limelight began to fade just before my love with the Bianconeri gained speed. So, from what my father tells me, the Agnelli's were responsible for some of the proudest moments in our club's history.

The Agnelli's were fans of the team first and foremost. As owners, they tried their best to create a sense of honour and pride within the club so they sought out the world's best talents. But what really seperated them from the owners of today, was their desire to find players who would always play with the upmost amounts of professionalism as they represented La Vecchia Signora with courage and prestige, not just to score goals.

Here are just a few photos I found of the man, the legend, Gianni Agnelli. (some courtesy of Fiat's archieves)

Young Agnelli

Above Photo: Here is a young Gianni Agnelli in his family's Bugatti around their home in Rome. Nice car.

To be young and wealthy

Above Photo: Taken in the summer of 1948, this adolescent Agnelli was certainly a hit with the ladies.


Above Photo: Wedding of course! Gianni and Marella get hitched!

Friends of the family

Above Photo: Taken in Newport in 1962, you can see JFK with his wife Jackie, alongside Gianni and his Marella.


Above Photo: Here's a 1972 oil painting done by the one the only Andy Warhol of Gianni Agnelli!

Training Field

Above Photo: Agnelli taking a walk during practice. Notice the "Primo Amore" which mean first love in Italian. What a man.

Time Cover

Above Photo: Gianni's Fiat 500's were certainly Italy's most popular method of transportation.

As a man thinks

Above Photo: Gianni remained as the head of Fiat for quite some time until his younger brother Umberto took over.
A bright talent
Above Photo: Sportsmanship personified right here.


Above Photo: Cooling off in Saint-Tropez in 1977, Agnelli enjoyed life and sought after every moment as if it were his last. We miss you Gianni, and we thank you.