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Dear Fratelli Bianconeri, This Comes From The Heart

bigphotoromajuve2.jpgWhen Sunday afternoon rolls around and you've finished your pre-game rituals like shampooing your Nedved action figure's hair for a few hours, take a few minutes to offer some silent prayer to your plastic idol because there are a few things I would now like to say to my dear Juventus fans in confidence...

Brace yourselves; we might not win this one. Now yes I know what you're all thinking; how can I be so stupid? so retarded? so unfaithful? so good-looking? But please fratelli, give me a chance won't you? The old me would have never hinted at the chance of defeat, but with our promotion to Serie A this year I've ever so slowly begun to ease back on the bottle... Listen, everyone dealt with Serie B in their own way ok don't judge me...

With the new season, new team, and new hobbies underway lets look at what we can realistically expect from Sunday's match-up in the eternal city. Heading into the Stadio Olimpico this weekend, one cannot refute Roma's achievements thus far. Although the season has only just begun, Roma sits alone atop the Serie A undefeated with zero goals against. So, with the bianconeri trailing in fourth, it's no wonder who the favorites are in this one... especially after Roma's 2-0 thumping over Dynamo Kiev in Champions League this week.

Italian football enthusiasts rejoice... You will be in for a spectacular affair. One that will surely be focused on the offensive pair Del Piero & Trezegol, with Roma's defensive dynamico duo Mexes & Juan. Another area to watch will be Juve's right flank where the much missed Camoranesi will be replaced with Hasan Salihamidzic a.k.a. Brazzo a.k.a. Can't cross 4 shit!... All things considered, the Juventus back line must keep it together for 90 mins and our midfield MUST effectively mark very tight if we want a chance to score. Now I know what you're all thinking... those are pretty BIG if's right? well yes, but... Juve have shown some good signs of grit and determination thus far this season... so anything is possible.

In closing, I cannot stress the importance of Juventus scoring early on Roma. EARLY! EARLY! EARLY! EARLY! You hear me Trezeguet?!? Roma has never played from behind in the any of their games this season, which if you know anything about soccer is a huge factor. Being Serie A's leading goal scoring team, if we can put one on the score sheet early not only will that deflate the fans and take them out of the game, history has shown (agh-hham 5-2) that Roma players turn into life-less forms of mud wrapped in too much white shin-guard tape prime for defeat.

Score early Juve and this game is ours!!

Forever Bianconeri