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The start of a new era begins today, one in Torino at the Stadio Olimpico and one here in the states at the Juventus Offside headquarters. We both are embarking on a new journey into Serie A. After already watching Bologna-Rimini, Arsenal-Manchester City this morning, followed by Lazio-Torino, I can not WAIT for the Juve match to begin. Bologna-Rimini was horrible, Manchester City did not deserve to lose, and Lazio-Torino well, I dont realy like either team. Onto the good shit, of course injuries surround us like crazy, but im glad we get our first crack against possibly the team I hate most right up there with Inter, the Commie fucks themselves AS Livorno. Politics aside, here are my projected starting line ups.

Juventus- 4-4-2
Buffon; Zebina, Andrade, Criscito, Chiellini; Salihamidzic, Almiron, Nocerino, Nedved;Trezeguet, Del Piero. Bench Belardi 12, Molinaro 28, Boumsong 18, Zanetti 6, Tiago 30, Palladino 20, Iaquinta 9

Livorno - 4-4-2
Amelia; Grandoni, Knezevic, Galante, Pasquale; E. Filippini, Pulzetti, Loviso, A. Filippini, Tristan, Tavano. Bench- 14 De Lucia, 32 Pavan, 69 Balleri, 9 Bergvold, 78 Volpe, 20 Rossini, 23 Diamanti

We are without Grygera who was injured in national team duties last week and will miss up to a month, Camoranesi is still not 100% match fit, Marchionni of course out, other then that its pretty much set. The anticipation of this match is huge as we look to set the tone in serie A and get off on the right foot. Chiellini and Criscito playing next to eachother is going to be sick, Nocerino and Almiron, I cant wait. Our opponents lack a lot, and will be battling for relegation this season if Tavano can show any form after a wasted season last year he may be a blessing, Juve youngster Francesco Volpe is a sparkplug off the bench for the Livorno attack, but other then that, can you be excited about a midfield consisting of Giuliano Giannichedda and the Filipini brothers all year? ha

Sorry for the short preview but I need to make in time to watch the game.
Prediction - 2-0 for Juventus