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An analisis written by a Serie A genius!

Hi guys, I stumbled on this great article by a man that really knows what he is talking about. Vito de Palma analized Juve and predicted their season. Don't get depressed it's just his expert opinion. If you want to read it in spanish go to

If there is anything certain about this year's Juventus is that Claudio Ranieri knows very well wehere he is standing and is facing this new season with a lot of humility and hard work. Juventus does not feel itself to be superior to the rest of the championship contenders and is trying to face games by keeping the defensive and midfield lines very together, fighting very hard behind the ball to try and get the quick counterattack every time it gets a chance. This attitude however has sense when facing teams that are clearly superior, but the most disturbing was seen when Juventus was a goal down. When the time came to take charge of the games initiative nobody took the reins of the team and they were a handful of plays that had no organization or clear ideas.

It's true that great teams are assembled from back to front. Ranieri is probably dedicating more time to the defensive part than the offensive and that Trezeguet's absence is very hard on the team. Against weaker teams Juventus migh opt to play with Del Piero behind the two strikers.

But still there are many problems in defence where Criscito has enormous potential but lacks experience. Meanwhile Andrade commits too many fouls and is always near the yellow card.

On the midfield it is very clear that Almiron and Tiago cannot play together. Currently the best duo would be Almiron and Zannetti. Unfortunately it is very difficult to see Zanneti playing more than 25 games per season. Nocerino is another young player who is very interesting, but lacks experience. In this position it is clear that another signing is needed, and one can dare to wonder with what judgement was Giannichedda released.

In conclusion this team is not fit to fight for the Serie A title and will most likely will have to put in quite an effort to get the 4th place. Beating teams like Fiorentina, Lazio, Palermo and even maybe Sampdoria and Torino.

I think Vito is correct and as I've said before we need to be realistic but always keep hope that Greece weren't even considered challengers for the Eurocup and people said Italy would not win the world cup. Forza Juve!!