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Juventus - Roma: A Friendly Isn't So Friendly When.....

........a newly designed and promoted Juventus side comes back from 2 goals to score 5 UNANSWERED GOALS against a Champions League side!!! its more of a massacre..... ok ok I know the Giallorossi were without Pizarro, De Rossi, Mancini, Perrotta, and Juan but still 5 unanswered goals to a club still trying to gel together as a team is brutal. Compliments to the Bianconeri who wore the Juve jersey with pride in Cesena last night, only a friendly but still that Juve spirit, pride and honor came out after 25 minutes. Dont get me wrong I know as well as anyone a friendly can be over analyzed or vice versa. In this case, for us Bianconeri fans we cant over analyze this and think this is what we well get week in and week out, but it is a HUGE morale boost. As for Roma, dont under analyze this as "just being a friendly" and "we were without 4 key players" because your team shut down and hid after 25 minutes and there are some serious holes in that squad. The backline was as usefull as a Lindsay Lohan rehab stint, they caught lightning in a bottle with Tonetto last year, and Panucci is on the decline, Mexes and Juan need to learn to play together. Wether Cicinho is the answer I dont know, but Spalletti better hope for a injury-free Mexes.

nocerino.jpgOne name, I've telling you all since March that ANTONIO NOCERINO is the real f*cking deal, this kid continues to impress and is realy making a name for himself. Marco Tardelli even said while commenting after the game, as of right now Antonio Nocerino is the only definite in the midfield wether the combination is Nocerino-Almiron, or Nocerino-Tiago, at the level the youngster is playing at right now he must continue to start. He was edgy at first deuling with fellow under 21 star Alberto Aquilani, which was quite exciting to watch as these two central midfielders will continue to battle for a spot with the senior Azzurri alongside De Rossi when the time comes. After Birindelli came off injured, Nocerino moved to the right to make room for Zanetti in the middle and the game took a big turn in favor of Juventus...........

Game Summary: My starting line up predictions where pretty spot on except for the fact that Juan came down with an injury in warm ups and Spalletti was forced to put Panucci in the center and play Cassetti on the right. Vucinic started instead of Esposito up front, and Iaquinta started in place of Del Piero. Juve took a while to get started and Roma came out with possession and solid passing, an Almiron error led to Vucinic putting in the first goal for the 1-0 lead in the 11th minute. They doubled the lead in the 25th minute when Totti sent in a free kick and Mexes headed it into the back of the net. The Juve backline was either trying to play the offside trap or Birindelli is really, really, really showing his age because Mexes was as open as Paris Hilton's legs. Birindelli then came out a minute later and Brazzo filled in as rightback for him, Nocerino moved over to the wing as Zanetti came into the center of the midfield. The game quickly changed as Zanetti sent a sweet pass through to Nedved who found Trezegol who finished to shorten the deficit at the 29th minute. Six minutes later the deficit was gone as my boy Nocerino had a tantalizing run with some wicked dribbling skills got Max Tonetto drunk and sent in a pinpoint pass to Trezegol who once again scored for the 2-2. The teams went into halftime even and Juve were clearly taking over the match as Roma looked confused. Spalletti made some changes bringing in some 2nd string players who couldnt not match up with Ranieri's men, but for the first part of the 2nd it was fairly even and Aquilani had a chance that just went wide. It took 21 minutes for the scoring to begin again, as Molinaro came down and took a shot the rebound fell to Del Piero (who came on for Trez), il Capitano proceeded to shoot but it turned into a perfect pass for Iaquinta who made it 3-2, and was a little over-exuberant in his celebration. Next up Del Piero's turn in the 33rd, a Juve counterattack led by Zalayeta (came on for Iaquinta), passed to Almiron who sent in a perfect chip to Del Piero to head past Curci. Lastly Zalayeta put his signature on the match in the 47th, Del Piero took a freekick, hit off the wall and fell to Zalayeta to fire past the over-rated Curci. And the massacre was done.......

Criscito, Nocerino, Nedved, Zanetti, Del Piero, Trezegol, Zalayeta, all played exceptionaly well. For his young age let me tell you Domenico Criscito is going to be huge, the way he has been playing makes you forget the name Barzagli. Overall an excellent team effort but my two bright spots were the youngsters Nocerino & Criscito who have a bright future ahead.

Scoring: Vucinic 11', Mexes 25', Trezeguet 29, 35', Iaquinta 65', Del Piero 77', Zalayeta 92'

Juventus: Buffon; Birindelli (Zanetti 26), Andrade, Criscito, Molinaro; Salihamidzic, Almiron, Nocerino, Nedved; Iaquinta (Zalayeta 72), Trezeguet (Del Piero 60)

Roma: Doni (Curci 63); Cassetti, Panucci, Mexes, Tonetto (Rosi 79); Aquilani, Brighi (Nonda 75); Taddei (Esposito 46), Giuly (Alvarez 63), Vucinic (Barusso 46); Totti