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The Rest of the Bianconeri Roaming Around...

Here is the follow up to the first set of players on loan..... I know you have all been sitting at your computers waiting in anticipation for this life changing post so this is the set of the lower profile players with some big fish mixed in.

Michele Paolucci (FW)-


- The youngster was apart of Iaquinta deal and will have another year in Serie A this season, after last years experiment at Ascoli. Even with the young roster at Udinese, Paolucci may find starting roles difficult, but should get many substitute opportunities. National teamers Quagliarella, Di Natale, newcomer Antonio Floro Flores, and probably Gyan Asamoah will be ahead of Michele on the depth chart. Udinese has built a nice team and will be shooting for high place in Serie A this season, but add the injury factor in, im sure Paolucci will get some time to shine. He is in a great team to grow at Udinese and hopefully he can show his worth.

Viktor Boudianski (MF)


- The Ukrainian center midfielder is now out of the system, he was sold to Ascoli this summer, who loaned him to Udinese to continue his growth in Serie A. He had another solid campaign last season at Ascoli also with Paolucci. Never had a shot at Juve, hope he continues to grow as a player.

Francesco Volpe (FW) -


- The youngster has already impressed this preseason for the Livornese. Look for him to get chances with the departure of Lucarelli and Francesco Tavano still looking for his Empoli form. Just another young Juventino vying for goals this year in Serie A.

And now for some lower division colonies, and solo loans and what not.........


- some of the best fans in the world, deserve to be back in Serie A as soon as possible, hopefully they can get back to form after a very tough 06-07 season.

Riccardo Maniero (FW)- Talented youngster who was part of last season's primavera attacking trio along with Giovinco and Lanzafame. Has a knack for goalscoring and should enjoy his time in Ascoli Piceno, following in the footsteps of other young strikers Fabio Quagliarella, and Michele Paolucci last year.

Andrea Luci (MF) - After a long year with Pescara last year, gets to repeat Serie B again, dont think he is apart of the Juve plans so not keeping close tabs on him.


- Well it will be an interesting battle of Juventini on August 25 as Serie B gets underway and Piacenza face off with Ascoli.

Pietro Zammuto (DF) - The Torino born defender is moving up from a Serie C1 loan at Sambenedettese to Serie B with Piacenza. Should be a good experience for his first crack at higher competition.

Raffaele Bianco (MF) - One of my favorite youngsters will continue to develop this season in Serie B where he left off last season scoring for Juventus against Spezia last game of the year. The talended physical midfielder has a bright future and I expect him to challenge the veterans at Piacenza for playing time. I'll be keeping tabs on this kid for sure

Tomas Guzman (FW)- Lastly is the Paraguayan loan shark. After spening the first half of last season with Juventus, he was sent off to Spezia, and that looks like it may have been his last taste of Juventus football. Guzman will likely be sold since he had reached his peak and no room with the club.

    Pro Sesto

(Serie C1 Girone A) - This season will be host to the traveling road show of ex Primaver stars Stefano Dicuonzo and Matteo Cavagna. After both class of 85ers were loaned to Ravenna last season and helping the club to promotion to Serie B, for some reason they are being loaned to Serie C club Pro Sesto? figure that one out.
Stefano Dicuonzo (DF)- 23 appearances and 1 goal for the young defender last year
Matteo Cavagna (MF)- Notched 16 appearances last season at Ravenna, should be a starter this year and could prove helpful to Pro Sesto's bid for promotion.

    Juve Stabia

(Serie C1 Girone B) -Trio of primavera youngsters are moving on to their first loan deals.
Matteo Trini (GK) - Very promising young goalkeeper had an excellent season last year.
Stefano Di Berardino (DF)
Giuseppe Rizza (DF)

    A.C. Voghera

(Serie D Girone B) - Trio of 06-07 Berretti youth team members head to Lombardia to gain some experience in Serie D.
Fabian Segale (CM)
Alessandro Rossi (FW)
Alessandro Lepre (DF)

    ASD Cecina

(Serie D Girone E)
Francesco Camilli (MF)- Berretti midfielder
Andrea Ciolli (DF) - another youngster from the Berretti
Samòn Reider Rodriguez (FW) - south american youngster who was behind Giovinco, Lanzafame, and Maniero last year with the primavera squad heads to the Livornese Serie D club to show something

and finaly the solo deals......

Davide Lanzafame (FW) Bari - The skilled forward will be all alone in Bari without any ex primavera teammates but will get a chance to play in Serie B after a nice campaign with the primavera squad. Debates continue weather Davide or Giovinco or Palladino will be the next Bianconeri great, myself I just want them all to play their brains out and we'll go from there. Already scoring goals this preseason he will get plenty of chances this season.

Simone Bentivoglio (MF) Chievo - After a year on loan at Modena, Chievo bought full ownership of the young central midfielder. He will look to bring the Flying Donkeys back to the top flight

Andre Cuneaz (MF) Cremonese (Serie C1 Girone A) - The primavera midfield workhorse will experience some stiffer competition this year, hoping to make a name for himself.

Andrea Pisani (DF) Pistoiese (Serie C1 Girone B)

Dario Venitucci (MF) Treviso - The midfielder will give it a go with Serie B Treviso this year in what looks to be a promising squad, keep on eye out for this kid when he gets to play. Also for viewing pleasure take a look at the Treviso homepage, those are some beautiful kits (hopefully the pic is still up when you look)

Andrea Pozzato (GK) Tritium (Serie D Girone B)

One final note, to whoever xcen3x is from this forum, if you are going to use my work, which I put in a lot of time, effort and hard work for my loyal readers at least credit The Offside Juventus other then that miniscule "by gianfranco z" link you have at the bottom, thank you. Not to be on a high horse, but all the writers here work hard and we do this out of passion and love for our clubs, so a little integrity goes a long way.