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E Meglio Nastro Azzurro

delpiero.jpgAfter an interesting series of games against Newcastle, Hamburg, and Sunderland we came out winless but with good match experiences and good research for coash Claudio Ranieri. It was obvious it was going to be a difficult test for the Bianconeri as all teams are way advanced in training, we are a new team still trying to mesh, and Juve is never known for showboating in preseason friendlies. A lot of good came from the tourny for mister Ranieri, he got to see what he has to work with, Marchionni played very well although he picked up an injury and we will be without him for about 2 months. Del Piero shined as always, hopefully his contract dispute will be settled, and Almiron also showed why we wanted his services. As usualy the defense was a bit shotty and still needs improvement.

But on the recent affairs, last night was the Trofeo Birra Moretti, in which Juve beat Napoli 1-0, Inter beat Napoli 2-0, and Inter beat Juve 1-0. The annual preseason beerfest/concert/soccer tournament for the people of napoli was a positive for Juve. Del Piero scored a magnificent goal with his left foot to give the Bianconeri the win in the opening match and to add more insult to the poor Napoli offseason. Ranieri was pleased, as was our captain as the Bianconeri held their own. Full Tournament highlights

In other news........
Jess Vanstrattan who? The Aussie keeper we for some odd reason signed to a contract, is gone as fast as he came. Good for him, if we get docked points for this drama i'll find the aussie myself and beat him senseless.

Uruguyuan midfielder Ruben Olivera may finaly, officialy be done in Torino. Loan after Loan, inconsistancy after inconsistancy, it was inevitable. Not once the past 2 seasons did I ever consider Olivera in any of my master Juve plans, so its time to pack.

Even though management has stated we are done on the transfer market, we are still being linked with some players, Thiago Motta on the top of the list. I've always been a huge admirer of Motta and was hoping we'd sign him this summer and theres still a slim possibility. The brazilian center midfielder is experienced for his age, but is very injury prone. He would be a great fit for our team to cover or even challenge Tiago and Almiron (who has yet to play on a big stage like Juventus). He is a much better alternative to Makelele, and Emerson, and we'd be able to loan out Nocerino to gain experience unless Ranieri will give him a chance which i dont mind. I think its a slim chance, Barca and Motta's agent are just using us to drive up his price, but the other Barca player on the out's which I would not mind is Maxi Lopez. The young Argentine will surely find zero space at Barca and seems destined for another loan or finaly a sale. In case of a Zalayeta departure Maxi would be a good replacement, and could be one for the future.

The Baby Bianconeri participating in the Primavera's Malaysia Cup suffered a setback to their hopes of winning the title. They drew 0-0 against Qatar and will face Paris St. German next. Unlike our solid primavera squad from last season with the likes of Bettega, Giovinco, Lanzafame, Maniero, Venitucci, Trini, Pisani, this Malaysia Cup squad is an experimental squad with players from many younger levels. Best of luck to the youngsters.