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This weeks news!

Hello everybody! Sorry for the wait. I was waiting for the deal between our beloved Juve and Zaragoza for Milito. However I am almost certain this deal will not be finalized. Instead Juve have reportedly signed Jorge Andrade from Deportivo La Coruna and Milito will be joining Barcelona after they missed out on Chivu. This will be the scenario unless a Miracle happens. I personally don’t think that Milito was worth that much (18 Million Euro plus 2 more if they make the Champions League). Maybe some of you are wondering who Andrade is? Andrade is a central defender that was sometimes used in midfield for Depor. He is very good and many great clubs have asked for his services (Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Barcelona, Valencia and Inter Milan.). He has proven his worth for Porto where he started out after being played 12 out of 12 times in Champions league that season. He was the backbone for Deportivo La Coruna who was a little team that managed to beat Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia for the 2002 season. It was curious though, I was researching on Wikipedia his background and it says that he has already signed for 10 Million. A good price specially if Juve have asked officially for Barzagli this week.

In my opinion Andrade is an excellent defender and if given the opportunity to shine for a club like Juventus he will help us a lot. I have been watching Milito play in the South American cup and he committed this penalty that wasn’t 20-million-dollar-like.

In the comments I heard something about Nery Castillo. I have not been able to find a link that says this exact news but rumors are flying around. He is an excellent player and would be a great addition to our attack. A true promise and if you don’t take my word for it please see the goal he scored against Brazil on Mexico’s first game it will blow you away! Let’s keep our fingers crossed but I would not expect him in Turin this season. Also Frank Lampard will not be able to join Juve because his current demands are too high for us and in Chelsea he wants more so it is not likely or possible.

Our attack and midfield is a great promise and it is yet to be defined how our defense will look like but Andrade and Grygera are highly rated players. On the flanks we have many options so one of them will hopefully work out. So everything is looking great except for Tudor’s comments that in Juventus "There are no friendships between the players. There is some reciprocal respect amongst the Italians, but the only thing that matters is the training and the match." And that there he "learnt a brutal professionalism without any heart," Sad really but going back in time when my girlfriend dumped me I had no kind words for her either so lets hope this is a case of an angry reject who was shipped back to Croatia with a frown.

I want to apologize for not writing. I moved back home to Guatemala and have been putting boxes in and everything so sorry, but I promise I will write at least one time every 2 days.

So what do you think of Tudor’s comments? The fact we didn’t put in 2 more Million Euro for Milito? Do you think we settled for Andrade? Where do you think we will thrive next season? What will our weaknesses be?

Take care and have a great Friday!