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The New Juve's first retreat together...

Training at PinzoloIt has been a few good weeks for Juventus. We have played to friendlies and won very convincingly on each of them. The new team members are getting along well (except for Camo and Zannetti). They got in a fight because Camoranesi tackled him a little late. Cristiano Zannetti usually gives out very hard tackles so he must accept them but maybe they were not friends anyway. Who nows really but beside them everyone is getting along well specially Almiron and Tiago who are roommates. Almiron says their only ptoblem is understanding each other because Tiago does not speack Spanish and his Italian is weak.

Here is a video of the friendly against China. I think Trezeguets goal was very good and I like that Criscito is still with us. Olympic China vs Juventus.

Tachinnardi and Gianichedda got the boot from the squad as their contracts were terminated and I think it was a good move by the side because there were too many central midfielders and old ones also in the squad. If you put them together it would have been tachinnardi, Gianichedda, Blasi, Zanneti, Segundo Castillo (our new Colombian signing), Tiago, Almiron and Marchisio. All of them playing the same role and the ones that got sacked were the oldest and not the best.

We have many friendlies and unfortunately I can’t watch them because they don’t air here and it would be a miracle if they showed them in . Here’s the list:

Newcastle-Juventus on July 29
Hamburg-Juventus on August 1
Sunderland-Juventus August 4
Juventus-Napooli-Inter August 8th

I envy you guys if you get to watch them, since I will only be able to see the Tim Cup.

P.S. Mancini believes we will be in the title race.

Ranieri’s new Juve