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Why Juve can't win Serie A YET

Good morning everyone and thank you for your support. The Juventus board has done an excellent job this summer but I believe there are still some missing elements. I am almost sure that Camoranesi and Pavel Nedved will continue playing next season with us. Taking that into account Ranieri has a pretty good side to choose from.

Reading in to Ranieri's past he has set the foundation for Valencia and Chelsea to become the great teams they are today. Granted he did not win any major championships with them he certainly created the backbone of those teams. He signed or developed for valencia Gaizka Mendieta, Miguel Angel Angulo, Javier Farinós, David Albelda, Santiago Canizares and Argentinian forward Claudio López. As for Chelsea his influence and good taste in transfers developed players like Frank Lampard, William Gallas, John Terry, Robert Huth, Carlton Cole, Wayne Bridge, Joe Cole, Scott Parker and Glen Johnson, Argentine pair Juan Sebastian 'Seba' Veron and Hernán Crespo who I happened to meet and he sucks as a person, Frenchman Claude Makélélé. Needless to say many of these players today are stars and both those teams have a very respectable name in Europe. Ranieri has just signed Almiron, Tiago, Salihamidzic, Grygera and Iaquinta. All of these players have already made a huge name for themselves and I am sure he will help them develop into the great champions they are. As for young players Claudio Ranieri is an expert at helping them make their transition from promise to star. Players such as Giorgio Chiellini who is going to be a very promising left back, Claudio Marchisio, the great Raffaelle Palladino, Marco Marchionni who I believe could be a great player, Cristian Molinaro, Nocerino and (the next Cannavaro) Criscito.

With all these names it is easy to believe that at least 2 or 3 of the young players will be mega-stars complementing our already great stars. With Trezeguet's obvious decision to stay, our Forward line will include Del Piero, Trezeguet, Iaquinta, Zalayeta and (our next Ibra, except loyal) Palladino. This is a four and a half star forward line and nobody could argue with that. Our midfield will have Nedved, Tiago, Almiron, Camoranesi, Salihamidzic as protagonists but behind them we have Zannetti, Gianichedda, Marchisio and Marchionni who are all very good. If there is still money left i would personally buy a center attacking midfielder. If there isn't any money then bring back Kapo as a wildcard for those tight games we will surely have. I don't know if you have seen him play at Levante this season but he has been great and has been the main attacking threat against teams like Real Madrid, Valencia and Atletico de Madrid.

Now the part that worries me the most: DEFENSE. Last year in Serie B there were never any certain guarantees. We need and let me say it again we desperately need an excellent defender. My first choice would certainly be Gaby Milito of Zaragoza. I am almost confident he will sign but if not Juve will have to find some one who can play the part of leading our defense lie Cannavaro. I can't see Barzagli running the defense by himself but could be very good next to Grygera. Don't get me wrong I rate barzagli very highly I just don't know if he can run Juventus defense just yet. On the left flank I would initially consider Chiellini for a starting role but Molinaro is supposedly an excellent player. Down the right flank we have Zebina, our vice-captain Birindelli who is pushing retirement (succesfully) and Salihamidzic has also played this role at Bayer Munich very well. Buffon is always the best guarantee for a goal keeper in the world and that doesn't trouble me at all. The only worry is who will be in front of him leading our defense, cross your fingers for Milito.

With all this said I would recommend the next formation (if Milito could come):

Salihamidzic, Grygera, Milito, Chiellini
Camoranesi, Tiago, Almiron, Nedved
Iaquinta or Trezeguet or Del Piero (I can't make up my mind)

For the games when we have to be defensive we could very well put in Zebina for Salihamidzic, Giannicheda or Zannetti for either Almiron or Tiago. But be certain that we do have very good defensive subs.

For when we have to attack we could have a three man attack and push Salihamidzic up front. Or put in Palladino for Nedved in the final minutes (face it Nedved is not getting younger and although I've never seen him tired there is always a first time). Bring in Marchionni for the right wing.

What we need next year is for our players to understand each other, be motivated and know that we only expect a Champions League spot. From there anything can happen. Oh and we also need for Trezeguet and Camoranesi to stop bitching about their tough lives on their poor salary. We will need good luck regarding injuries and we will need our players to be very motivated specially the young ones and Ranieri will do a fine job at it. So I would say expect anything from 1-4 place next year. Don't get me wrong I believe Juve can accomplish anything but there are still missing parts. Parts which I am sure will come eventually. So any one of those spots is a good spot and I am confident next year we will be Serie A challengers (this year we will be a very big threat) and return Inter's self esteem to the lowest level possible.

What do you think? What line ups would you recommend? Do you think there is another defender better than Milito? Would you buy someone else? Let me know in the discussion.


Thanks for the support!