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The juve blog is back!!

Hello everybody!! My name is Juan and I am from Guatemala. There have been many news since the latest blog from my predecessor. Since it is a lot I will only show a timeline of the news:

Buffon extended his deal until 2012 (although there are claims that if we do not reach the Champions league spot in the next two years there is a clause allowing him to leave)
There are 5 new players including: Molinaro who Ranieri says "As for defence, I am more than covered on the left with Molinaro, who I faced at Siena and noted he guarantees great pressure down that flank", Molinaro was rescued from Siena.
The purchase of World Cup winning striker Vincenzo Iaquinta who will be an excellent addition to the attack.
The co-ownership of Nocerino was resolved. He is a very promising 22 year old player.
The purchase of Tiago and Serio Almiron has become official. Tiago in my opinion is an excellent guarante for this season. I really don't know Almiron that much but there has been a lot of fuzz about him and 9 million isn't cheap so let's keep our fingers crossed.
The negotiations for Gaby Milito have supposedly reached a stop as Cobollo Gigli said Juve have already tabled a bid and will not enter a bidding war with Real Madrid (a financial war we will probably lose) However it will not be a total loss because if they buy Milito they could pair him up with Metzelder. Cannavaro will not stay in the bench and could come back!

On a not so depressing note Balzaretti was sold to Fiorentina.

On the renovation scene the same man who said "It is impossible to continue with this disrespect" just signed a contract that will keep Trezeguet with us until 2011!

According to Cobollo Gigli Pavel Nedved will play on.

No word on what is going to happen to Mauro Camoranesi and I personally hope he will stay.

I will get more in to depth with news as they come along every day. Today I was just filling you in on what has happened lately.

Well everybody it looks as if next season we are going to be a good team with many possibilities. It helps me sleep at night knowing we will soon be kicking Inter's $@# again.