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Now for what you've all been waiting for......

With all of the transfer speculations this season and the continuing rumors of players coming and going I've been tossing around ideas of ideal players and moves to make for the upcoming season and future. What I did is a little different but also similar to what Juventus is doing, I've come up with players at each position that would improve the team not only for the short term but for the long term, keeping in mind I could not select any player over the age of 27 years old. But then I realized we are already close to getting Torsten Frings and looking at players like Gilberto and Emerson so I realized, in order to make it realistic I can only select 2 players out of the 27 year old age limit. The idea of this was just to have a base of players to look at, not to replace existing players like Del Piero, Nedved, Buffon, Trezeguet, Camoranesi, and others. Out of the players I selected I then narrowed it down to the teams actual needs and from there came up with the players we could be serious about targeting. After compiling transfer targets I then mixed them with what we have now and our young loaned out prospects and came up with a future roster for next season,.... well my dream roster for next season. To make it interesting for some of the realistic targets I even came up with the scenario on how we would attain the player. It will be a series, today is the first part with goaltenders and defenders..... Enjoy my desperate plea to score a job as a scout in the soccer world!

GoalKeepers - Not a position of great need unless Buffon were to depart, which is highly unlikely but here were my selections. Traditionaly Juventus buys proven keepers and does not fill the position from within but this new regime may be different. Since it is not a position of great need I only came up with 3 options

Salvatore Sirigu / Palermo (20 years old)- The youngster has already started in a Coppa Italia match and a UEFA Cup match this season, and is regarded as one of the top Italian goalkeeping prospects. He seems likely to be the replacement for the ancient Alberto Fontana, that is if they dont go with other youngster Federico Agliardi. Transaction- If Palermo were to make the Champions League they'd need money to compete, that is the only way I could see a deal at this point, is to throw a lot of money at the Sicilians.

Andrea Consigli / Atalanta (20 yeard old)- The keeper is currently on loan from Atalanta at Sambenedettese in Serie C1/B and has been a staple in the youth ranks of the national team. Also another top goalkeeping prospect, Consigli has been thought of to be the next Buffon and knowing this Atalanta will look to the youngster to fill their goalkeeping position in the next few years. Transaction- Having a young keeper on the bench with Andrea Ferrari (not highly touted like Consigli) it may be a little easier to pry Consigli away from the Bergamo club but not that easy. It would take money + a striker of the Sebastian Giovinco or Michele Paolucci variety. Not a likely scenario, but a thought.

Emiliano Viviano /Brescia (21 years old) - Viviano is Brescia's starting keeper and has realy shined this season in Serie B. Also a regular call up for the Under 21 team, he is riding the next big wave of young keepers. Since Viviano is already proven he is ready at his age, he is probably the most unlikely transfer since we would not need a starting keeper for a while.

Defenders- Probably the 2nd most important if not top priority n we need to fill. We can not go through Serie A with a makeshift defense like this season. Already we have brought in Zdenek Grygera (26 years old) from Ajax and arrival of Domenico Criscito (20 years old) Yet we still can improve as Grygera will be recovering from injury and Criscito's skills are still raw only playing in Serie B. Most importantly we need to install a pair of fixtures for our center of defense to follow in the footsteps of Thuram, Cannavaro, Montero, Ferrara of recent years.

Andrea Barzagli/ Palermo (25 years old)- The World Cup winning defender is locked in to become the next guard in the Azzurri defense after shining the past few seasons at Palermo. We have been rumored for months now about the defender but nothing concrete has come of it. For Andrea to truly become world class he needs to move on from Palermo especialy after the disatrous decline they showed this season, and Juventus is a perfect match. He is great in the air and controlls his area well, has a composure about him which is typical of great Italian defenders. Transaction- No doubt Palermo will ask for Domenico Criscito in return for their star defender, but I'd avoid giving up our star prospect. I would have to say Money lots of it + Fabrizio Miccoli (yea rememeber him), Claudio Marchisio, defender Andrea Rossi, and or Primavera starlet Raffaele Bianco. Palermo will be looking for a lot in return, a young defender to pair up with one of their own top prospects Paolo Hernan Dellafiore, a central midfielder to replace veteran Eugenio Corini when he retires and a striker to play with Amauri. After seeing their needs it was easy to come up with Miccoli, Marchisio, Bianco, and Rossi as an idea, hopefully it would take less. Now if only it could happen.......

Nemanja Vidić /Manchester United (25 years old)- The Serbian star just recently sparked up again as a transfer target in todays Gazzetta Dello Sport, I was shocked but a little skeptical when I read it in the paper. Skeptical because he is one of the brightest young central defenders in Europe and Man U. is not exactly a team to give away such talent. Shocked because we lost out last year to sign him from Spartak Moscow so I doubt he is available. But the report seems pretty strong and the speculated offer is 15 Million euros, which is a nice sum that Man U could invest into a striker. Vidic is a strong figure in the back line, who can shut down strikers with his physical play. His is excellent in the air and has knack for scoring as well. Idealy he would be an excellent addition, I'd love for La Gazzetta to be correct on this one. Transaction- Well first off the reported 15 Million, which is no problem with our large budget, and plus Man U. have been looking at many of our players this season, Palladino, Criscito, Paolucci. I'd go with 12-15 Million plus Michele Paolucci, we shall wait and see.

Alex /PSV (24 years old)- The young brazilian had a breakout season this year at PSV and shined in the Champions League. Rumored to be heading all over europe, Chelsea, Milan, Real Madrid, who knows whats in the cards for the brazilian. But he has shown he can score and is comfortable pushing forward, but can quickly settle back into defense. His name was also mentioned in the Gazzetta Dello Sport today

Per Mertesacker /Werder Bremen (22 years old) - Already one of the highly touted defenders in Europe, the big German is a stallworth in the Bremen backline and also the national team. He is probably my favorite foreign defender to fill the void, but how willing would Bremen be to part ways? Probably easier on the youngster if veteran Torsten Frings also joins the Bianconeri..... a fan can wish cant he?

Michele Canini /Cagliari (21 years old)- After making a name for himself last season with 32 appearances for Cagliari he was a transfer target over the summer last year. Nothing materialized and he stayed in Sardegna, injuries have cost him this season only playing in a couple of games. The youngster has a ton of potential and could easily be had by the Bianconeri. He has shown a maturity at his young age, which is what the Juve management liked when they scouted him. Last season he proved a lot, he can handle Serie A at his young age. Transaction- 5 Million Euros, plus a primavera player.

Francesco Pisano /Cagliari (21 years old) - Another Cagliari youngster, who got the chance this season with decent playing time and a chance to show his skill. The same can be said for Canini and Pisano, with Cagliari struggling so much this season, they have gone under the radar as the team falls. My first choice out of the two is Canini, but I'd also take Pisano. Transaction- Same scenario as Canini

Felipe /Udinese (22 years old) - Probably the future of the brazilian back line, Felipe had an amazing season at Udinese last year, which in turn lead to transfer rumors over the summer. He has missed most of this season through injury, but at 22 he will regain his form and in a few years could be one of the top defenders in Europe. We showed interest over the summer trying to land him on a loan, but it did not work out, with our increased budget, the improved performances of Zapata and Coda, Felipe may be expendable this summer. Transaction- 7-9 Million Euros + Primavera player, Davide Lanzafame or Ricky Maniero

Andrea Coda /Udinese (22 years old) - Another one of my favorites, following up after fellow Udinese defender Felipe, Coda was summoned this season to fill in for the injured brazilian. He showed he can play at this level to continue on his season last year with Empoli in which he played in 36 serie A matches. He has been called up for the Italian Under 21 side also, and seems to have a bright future ahead. I'd take either Coda or Felipe, but Coda would be nice to see with Criscito as a tandem for years to come. The future of Juventus and possibly Italy. Transaction- 4-5 Million Euros + Primavera player

Short List- Pietro Accardi (Sampdoria, 24), Christian Maggio (Fiorentina, 24), Claudio Terzi (Bologna, 23), Federico Peluso (Albinoleffe, 23), Sébastien Squillaci (Lyon, 26), Pepe (Porto, 24), Daniel Congre (Toulouse, 22), Lucien Aubey (Toulouse, 22), Adam Kokoszka (Wisla Krakow, 20), Johan Djourou (Arsenal, 20)

Part II of the series with midfielders and forwards, soon to come.......