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April 25th Festa Della Liberazione & Juventus News

A little history lesson for all my readers before I get into the Juventus news, today in Italy is a national holiday recognizing the liberation from the Nazi forces who controlled most of Italy during the second World War. The 2007 celebration is the 62nd anniversary

Now onto what you're all here for, April 25th is a sad day in Juventus history. In 1995 young Juventus defender Andrea Fortunato died of Lukemia in a terrible turn of events. The promising young defender lost his battle with the disease at the age of only 23. The tragedy shocked the Juventus organization and Andrea's legacy lives on as he was honored at the 109th anniversary of Juventus earlier this season. The team like always is classy and never forgets a fallen member and Andrea will not be forgotten, RIP Andrea.

In more uplifting news, the media and other clubs are still preying on Juventus as they try to wedge Buffon from the Club. But it doesnt seem to be working as the price tag is set at 40 million euro's for ONLY HALF OWNERSHIP!! Honestly its an insane number, but its worth it, he is the best keeper in the world and has been for the past 3 to 4 years and shows no signs of slowing down. Like I've said all along he is going nowhere its all bogus to cause more drama. The following link is from a site I never use because most of their reports are so far out there, and the rumors rarely end up coming true, this rumor came up on a recent search I did and I felt i needed to share it because I found it especialy hysterical.......The #1 keeper in the world rumored to NECAXA in the Mexican league! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I almost dropped when I saw the headline come up on google, honestly I hope everyone gets a good chuckle out of this one as I did. And this ladies and gentleman is why I dont use that website for information.

The Czech Fury, Pavel Nedved spoke out against former teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic after Inter's thrilling scudetto victory (extra stress on the sarcasm in thrilling). The midfielder said "I cannot hide that I was sad to see some former teammates like Zlatan Ibrahimovic celebrate like that" and "I was also hurt by the fact that they said this title was won without stealing. I never stole anything in the past years, we won on the pitch just like them and no one can take those titles away". You tell them Pavel and that punk Zlatan, dont worry they'll get theirs next season.

Transfer news has been somewhat slow, we finaly buried the hatchet on the Luca Toni rumors, but Empoli midfielder Almiron seems to be heading north bound to Torino week after week. The 26 year old Argentine has had a solid season for the Tuscan side and Juventus have been rumored with the player for months now along with the other big clubs. Personaly he is not my ideal addition for the midfield, he isnt a world class player yet, but if that is all that is available I'll take him any day of the week over Giannichedda. The trade off although seems a little much, I've heard everything from Matteo Paro, Paolo De Ceglie, Sebastian Giovinco, Michele Paolucci, Claudio Marchisio, Andrea Masiello, and Rey Volpato. If the deal has to be done I could part with De Ceglie and Paolucci and or Tomas Guzman (on loan at Spezia) and Ruben Olivera (on loan at Sampdoria).