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Juventus Review: Another step closer

I apologize to all for the lack of updates recently, but it has been a hectic past few weeks and I apologize to everyone. But I am back and the blog will go back to normal just like Juventus' march to Serie A. Let me start off with quick recaps of the last few matches.... first Highlights from the unlikely 1-1 draw with Albinoleffe, wait there arent realy any, plus most of the videos are low quality, but here is Balzaretti's goal.

Next up more importantly was the rebound after the dreadful 1-1 draw with Albinoleffe with an impressive 2-0 win over Napoli. The team as a whole played very well but most importantly Del Piero, Camoranesi, and Nedved. Camoranesi scored the first goal from a nice cross from Nedved in the 18th minute, and then Camoranesi finished his day by picking out Del Piero with an excellent pass in the 59th minute and the captain finished nicely to make it 2-0. The victory truly distanced us from the Napoletani now in third, and left us 7 points clear of Genoa who is in 2nd place. The match was marred by a Juventus supporter being stabbed outside of the stadium prior to the match, the injury was not life threatening.

Next up the 3-1 win over Lecce this past weekend. What more can I say other then another amazing game by Camoranesi who set up the first goal for Marchionni with some sick ball skills in the 12th minute. Lecce equalized a few minutes later in the 15th but it was clear Juventus would take the 3 points. Then in the 47th Zalayeta gave the lead back the Bianconeri with a nice shot, and Camoranesi put his finishing touch on the match with another excellent dribbling effort and sick shot in the 67th minute.

Once again sorry for the absence, but everything back now