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3/21/07 Juventus News - From Drunks to Phenoms, and Metzelder & Co.

Sporting Director Alessio Secco denied being in London to negotiate for Frank Lampard, as I expected. Another rumor blown out of proportion, it was clear that Secco being spotted with Steve Kutner (Lampard's Agent) was only in London to strengthen ties with other english clubs? which ones? Lampard anyways was busy this week as a fan tried to slug him after an FA Cup match, unfortunately the sloppy punch did not connect the 18 year old hooligan must have been too wasted to make contact (DISCLAIMER I DO NOT CONDONE VIOLENT PITCH INVASIONS, but I cant stand Lampard). Not only did the fan seem drunk, but those stewards falling and tripping over eachother looked a little intoxicated also, it looked like a circus in the video.

Ajax- Bianconeri scouts were in Holland to see Ajax-PSV so obviously Klaas Jan Huntelaar's name as risen again, along with defender John Heitinga.

Torsten Frings - One of my favorite midfielders, looks to be shafting Juve by dismissing any transfer to Juve. This one sucks because Frings is a midfield general and I'd take him on our team any day of the week.

Ederson- 21 year old Brazilian phenom is being tagged "the next Ronaldinho" and Juve seem to be interested. If it only will cost 5 Million Euros to buy him from Nice in France, this one is a no brainer especialy with our new big budget. I dont know much about him, havent seen him play but it seems a small price to pay for a player with such promise.

Miroslav Klose - The German striker seems to have shut the door on us for a summer transfer. Unlike his teammate Frings, Klose has known about this rumor for some time but now is looking to renew his contract with Werder Bremen.

Cristoph Metzelder- To complete the Triple German Shaft, the Dortmund defender seems to be set on joining Real Madrid over the summer. For me this is the most difficult transfer to miss out on, I was dreaming about seeing him in the center of defense with Andrea Barzagli and dominating Serie A next year, so much for that.

Tommaso Rocchi - Just to throw into the mix, the Lazio striker has admitted he'd consider a transfer to Juventus if an offer were made.....Hopefully no offer will be made. There is a reason why we released him from our youth team years ago, now 29 years old who's highest goal total has been 16, for his sake and mine stay with Lazio. I guess im just not a big Rocchi fan.