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Juventus - Treviso Recap: Palladino, Trezeguet News, and $$$

I apologize for not previewing this match or a quick summary yesterday but I've been extremely busy and was pissed when I left work early tuesday to watch the game and RAI International screwed me because they showed some soap opera instead. It sucked to say the least, anyways we picked up an important victory and 3 points to extend our lead atop Serie B.

JUVENTUS-TREVISO 1-0 (1st 0-0)
scoring: 26' (2nd)Palladino

JUVENTUS (4-4-2): Buffon, Birindelli, Zebina, Boumsong, Chiellini, Marchionni (1' 2nd Bojinov), Paro (11' 2nd Marchisio), Giannichedda, Nedved, Del Piero, Palladino (32' 2nd Balzaretti). (12 Mirante, 30 Legrottaglie, 43 Giovinco, 25 Zalayeta). Deschamps.
TREVISO (3-4-3): Avramov, Viali, Valdez, Mezzano, Camorani (33' 2nd Bradaschia), Gissi (13' 2nd Moro), Fietta, Music, Russotto (15' 2nd Acquafresca), Beghetto, Quadrini. (71 Cordaz, 19 Petras, 24 Poli, 31 Anderson). Rossi
Ref: Bergonzi
NOTES: corners 7-1 for Juventus. Yellow Cards: Chiellini, Viali, Quadrini.

In a slow first half the small crowd present at the Stadio Olimpico of Torino quickly turned on the Bianconeri after a weak performance saturday against Brescia and a slow start against Treviso. Other then a Nedved freekick in which Treviso keeper Avramov sent onto the post, the first half was weak as Juve could not crack the Treviso defense. Treviso had set out to defend and just work on the counter attack and it visibly frustrated Juventus in the first half as they could not muster much offense.

Deschamps knew things couldnt continue like this so he brought on Valeri Bojinov for Marcho Marchionni and proved to make a big difference as Juve went to more of an attacking formation. The Bulgarian striker instantly brought speed and some added aggression to the game. After attacking for much of the 2nd half, the Bojinov earned a free kick and Del Piero quickly put it into play sending Palladino through which turned out to be the decisive goal. As the Treviso players were arguing with referee Bergonzi, Del Piero caught them off guard and set up Palladino for the match winner. Juventus came close to securing the victory with a 2nd goal but Treviso keeper Avramov was fantastic, and Buffon also secured the victory by a nice save late.

RAI Highlights
SKY Sport Highlights

In other news we're going to have A LOT MORE money to spend on our return to Serie to continue to the Vecchia Signora's revival and legitimacy. According to the Board of Directors they have voted for an increase of £71.6m to reinforce the squad. Here in a fancy link to Forbes (ohhhhhs & ahhhhhhs) explains how exactly the money is going to become available. Im glad the Brescia debacle was a wake up call and everyone apart of management is trying to assess the problem.

Included in this revival is the new player development program in which the club hopes to find the "Italian Ronaldinho''

Lastly Trezegol's appeal was rejected, as expected.