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Thursday Feb 22 - Quick Notes (Crybabies, Politics, Cocaine, Lindsay Lohan?)

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grygera.jpgFinally the Zdenek Grygera debacle/negotiations/transfer/rumor/just sign already is officialy set to become a Juventus player this summer. The Czech defender will sign a 5 year deal keeping him in Torino until 2012. I like, I realy do, finaly 3 years after the fact we first showed interest in him, he finaly becomes a Juve player, I've always liked Grygera big strong athlete. That brings our new imports to Grygera, Criscito, and Salihamidzic. Who says the transfer market is dead in February.

kanoute.bmpNext up the striker transfer department, Trezegol departing rumors are starting up again, personaly I dont buy it. David has been a long tenured player and has been given many opportunities to overcome his numerous injuries, Juve stuck with him and I think in the end he will stay, hopefully. But in the extreme scenario that he does depart, Juve has been rumored to have made a £12.8m offer to Sevilla's Kanoute. Also on the cover of todays Tuttosport it claims Juve have offered Claudio Pizarro a 3 year contract.

In Other News-
Romano Prodi is finaly almost gone, finaly. The next government will only be (see if you hint at the sarcasm) the 62nd in Italy following WWII. Dont let the door hit you on the way out Prodi!

Lyon could not accept a 0-0 away draw respectfully, what else is new. The French side could not just take the scoreless draw at Roma without crying to Uefa and the press. What aggrivates me when hearing this is that Italian side's have been getting screwed by UEFA for as far as I could remember, not only Juventus but all the top clubs. The fact Juninho says "We realised tonight that it still goes on. We don't have the same weight as Spanish, Italian or English clubs" is complete bull. This topic can go on, but not right now.

Sampdoria captian Francesco Flachi has been suspended for testing positive for cocaine. Well, well Flachi? Cocaine? thats interesting, the Blucerchiati striker truly has seemed to pile on to Italian football's growing reputation. Thankfully he is not a national teamer and had nothing to do with the world cup, but my thanks to you Francesco. Rumor has it he is entering rehab with Lindsay Lohan and Philadelphia Eagle's head coach Andy Reid's son Garrett. Wait nevermind, I just started that ha