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STOP THE PRESSES! TUDOR STAYS!......and other junk

tudor.bmpIn a shocking follow up to my post earlier this week Igor Tudor is going to remain with Juventus to fufill the rest of his contract which is up June 30, 2007. The decider in this turbulent affair haha was that the defender is going to take a pay cut for the next few months. The decision will please all sides Tudor, the Juventus management, and myself. God bless that goofy Croatian

palla.bmpIn other news striker Raffaele Palladino will miss this weekend's match against Crotone due to muscular problems, and Nedved who was thought to be doubtful due to back pains will be ready to start. Both french defenders Jonathoan Zebina and Jean Alain Boumsong will be back after injuries along with midfielder Giannichedda.

As fellow Offside writer Martha posted about Toni to Juve the headline of todays Tuttosport read "Una Juve Mondiale : Con Buffon, Del Piero e Camoranesi, in arrivo Toni e Cannavaro" translation "A World Cup Juve: with Buffon, Del Piero, Camoranesi, in arrival Toni & Cannavaro". Personaly I think its dumb, sure Toni scores goals, but he is one of the oldest options rumored and will surely be on the decline soon, and not worh the £35m price tag. I never thought I'd say this, but hopefully the Viola earn a Champions League spot so Toni decides to stay. Even if not I dont see it happening after last summers "Toni to Inter" saga, which ended quickly once Pantaleo Corvino had a meeting with Toni and all was settled. Fiorentina are still working hard to join the big clubs atop Italy and they doubtfuly are going to jepordize that by selling their biggest star, who is playing well with Adrian Mutu.

Five new names for the Juve rumor mill-
Sergio Leonel Aguero- promising Atletico star, Juve is rumored to have joined the hunt
Lucas- Gremio midfielder, brazilian under 20 star at recent championships
Simone Padoin- Italian under 21 midfielder for Vicenza
Freddie Kanoute- Sevilla striker who has shined this season
Roland Lamah- 19 year old attacking midfielder for Anderlecht, who gained some interest at the Viareggio tournament

.......... and Alessio Tacchinardi will return from his spanish adventure! despite rumors about Blackburn

lastly Marco Marchionni spoke out confidently looking forward to this weekends clash with Crotone.