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February 15, 2007 Quick Notes

bianchi_rol.jpgAs usual names keep coming hott and heavy for this summers transfer market, the most intriguing today was Reggina striker Rolando Bianchi (top of todays Corriere). Bianchi has had a breakthrough season so far scoring 12 goals with the southern club, injury free he can finally prove his worth.

Then yesterday we saw Samuel Eto'o's name thrown into the mix, to go along with Javier Saviola, Klose,Toni, Crouch, Gilardino, Claudio Pizarro.

A couple other new names in the younger category recently included Monaco youngster Serge Gakpe, Brazilian Alexandre Pato to go along with fellow youngster Klaas Jan Huntelaar who was brought up in the past few months.

After looking at all of these names, one would think our attacking force consists of journeyman Denis Godeas, Andrea Cossu, and Renato Bondi (a combined 54 appearances and 1 goal for this marvelous trio, ouch) . It seems the likes of Trezeguet, Bojinov, Palladino, and Del Piero (a combined 29 goals in 61 appearances this season) wont cut it? Im all for adding another striker but some of the names out there are just absurd. I like Bianchi, but there would be no room for him at Juve, let him stay in Reggio and get a NT call up he deserves.

boji.jpgOther news, first Trez backs Deschamps and today Bojinov seems to be on his side to put aside rumors of tension in the locker room. I truly think the Serie B bug is killing these guys, and with the press microscope on every move they make it is just eating at these guys. My goodness the sooner we are promoted, the sooner these issues go away.

Del Piero was a busy little bee speaking out in an interview with Tuttosport my first thought was Mariano Rivera situation with the yankees.

lastly duke won last night which sucks, Livorno lost which is excellent, and the mets reported for spring training in st.lucie today!!!!!!!!!!