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Primavera Player Profile- Sebastian Giovinco

primavera.jpgGiovinco a 20 year old forward for the Juventus primavera squad has made some headlines lately. Scoring two goals against Palermo at the Viareggio tournament last week, have lead to the "next Del Piero" comparisons which have also been put upon past primavera stars Davide Chiumiento, Michele Paolucci, Rey Volpato, and recently Raffaele Palladino. Chiumiento being the most highly rated out of the group.

Giovinco impressed many at the Copa Carnevale tournament scoring twice against Palermo and then again against Malaysian. The young forward seems to have an easier path to Juventus first team football then past primavera strikers, due to the new UEFA regulations mandating home grown talent. Giovinco has impressive skills, excellent speed and finishing abilities which of course encouraged the Del Piero comparisons. The only knock is his size, a small frame but still only 20 has time to develop. He is also a staple in the Italian Under 20 team, he has excelled in the primavera squad and is getting recognition from abroad as he is rumored to be involved in transfer talks with Manchester United.

Apart from all this speculation, the forward is being held in high regards and may pass Palladino in the ranks if he continues his impressive form. In the Moggi era a player like this was sure to be loaned out and left to rot (Chiumiento, Guzman, Masiello, Volpato, Sculli). Those are just the players who have been loaned out numerous times and never found a home, they go through more coaching changes then the Oakland Raiders. Hopefully with the new management and new regulations Giovinco along with other primavera starlets will be able to stick with the bianconeri. The future is bright for Giovinco and hopefully we see him in bianconero, not Siena, but Juve.

the only two videos I could find of the youngster, enjoy
Giovinco 1
Giovinco 2