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March 12, 2003 Igor Tudor Day

tudor.jpg In the lacklustre year that is our first season in Serie B, and the lack of interesting "truthful" news I find it fitting to start my first post on The Offside about a fond 2003 memory. After a near decade stay in Torino (minus a few loan spells), it seems the time has come for Croation Igor Tudor. Various reports are stating that Juventus has gone to the CONI to terminate the defender's contract due to a clause. The clause states that for 8 months of inactivity they no longer have to pay the defender. Even the new Juve management (not even a year old) already cannot tolerate Tudor's injuries any longer. Unfortunately almost his entire Juventus career has been plagued by injuries, but through all of the dark times there is a shining moment.
Any time the name Igor Tudor is brought up I along with many other Juventus fans will have a splendid Champions League moment to look back on. March 12, 2003 Juventus - Deportivo la Coruna, fans watching over closely as the two sides battle out for a spot in the elimination rounds. The game nears the final whistle and is still even at 2-2, a scoreline that has Juve fans looking at another Champions League title chance slip away. But in the 77' Lippi subs in Tudor for Tacchinardi and soon the Croation will be the most loved man in all of Torino. The 93' Thuram comes down the flank and sends in a cross, the Depo defenders fail to clear properly and the ball falls to Tudor at the top of the box, and the impending left footed volley that followed was one of the greatest Juve memories that I will have, thanks to Tudor. So for myself every March 12 I take time out of my day to thank that clumsy Croation for doing the impossible and helping us advance. After a long 9 years I look past all those dumb tackles and numerous cards, and will always hold a special place in my heart for that oft-injured defender. Thank you TUDOR