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Trezegol Turns 30, Happy Birthday David

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whatwhat.jpg Today marks the 30th birthday of the French marksman. Born in Rouen France in 1977, David has delivered seven wonderful seasons for Juventus and; much like a fine wine, is on pace to record his best effort with the club this season. Leading all Serie A goal scorers with 7 (non-penalty) goals this year, he has moved into Juventus' fourth all-time leading scorer behind such greats as Bettega, Boniperti and (1st all-time) Del Piero. Trezegol has been an instrumental part of Juventus' success over the last decade netting over 100 Serie A goals.

David's ability to turn half-chances into goals has become his calling card. Perhaps the world's greatest first-touch goal scorer ever, Trezeguet is a striker's striker. Like all great players, David possesses the rare capability to completely change a game without a moment's notice. As all Juventini can attest, one can talk on and on about the pleasures of having David on our squad. However I urge all Juventini to go forth into your city streets and physically show your affection instead. What better way to show your admiration for someone then by defacing private/public property. No? Well fine, perhaps not. But in any case, wish Trez a happy birthday or I'll come after your mailbox.

Here are Trez's 100 Serie A Goals.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The Juventus blog wishes Trez a very special Happy Birthday and hope him and his family all the best. IERI... OGGI... DOMANI... SEMPRE JUVE!!!!