Serie A Campionato 2012-13

Presenting the Juventus end-of-the-season awards


After handing out ratings for every single player, there's now only one thing left to do to wrap up the 2012-13 Juventus season — give out some awards. So, without further adieu, here are the...

Juventus 2012-13 Season in Review: The Attackers


We recap the season of our forwards and assign their ratings for the year. Did anyone outperform Bendtner? (Hint: yes, every attacker alive)

Juventus 2012-13 Season in Review: The Midfielders


Just like last year, the midfield was the engine that got things done, especially when the forwards forgot how to put the ball in the back of the net. Let's look at how they did.

Juventus 2012-13 Season In Review: The Defenders


As the saying goes, great teams are built from the back, and as cliche as it may seem, it is true. The Antonio Conte era Juventus has been built from the back, with the team molded to accommodate...

Juventus 2012-13 Season In Review: The Goalkeepers


While the striker position was a revolving door and who started every week seemingly was a guessing game, the same wasn't said about who got the start between the sticks nearly every game for the...

On Sebastian Giovinco's past, present, and future


Sebastian Giovinco divides opinions as much as any player currently wearing a Juventus jersey. He was a player that came with lofty expectations as he first broke into the squad. Now, at 26 years...

Guest Post: The Old Lady Abides


This guest post was written by a man that goes by the name of West, Aaron West. You can find him twittering Juventus-related things — and not-so-Juventus things — on the Twitter machine at @...

Chronicle of a Scudetto Foretold


Finally, Scudetto No. 31 is in the bag. Why don't we take a look at this roller coaster of a year! It's time to relive the road that Juventus took to a second straight title.

Sampdoria beats Juventus again in season finale


Who would've thunk it? Sampdoria is now the only team to beat Juventus twice since Antonio Conte took charge.

Open Sunday Serie A viewing thread


Because there is no Juventus and actual things to be settled on the season's final day.

Post-Game Thread: Move along, nothing to see here


Juventus "played" a game today. There were players on the field, there were players wearing the Juventus kit, yet they really didn't look like Juventus at all. A 3-2 loss to Sampdoria is how Juve...

Game Time Thread: Juventus vs. Sampdoria


You know the only team Juventus haven't beaten this season? Yeah, it's Sampdoria. Juventus look to change that in the season's final fixture, a date with 'Doria at Stadio Luigi Ferraris.

Juve-Sampdoria Preview: Round 38 — Closing time


One last game for Antonio Conte's men in the 2012-13 campaign. One last chance to get a win over the one club Juve haven't beaten this season, Sampdoria.

Post-Game Thread: Juventus draw, get fancy trophy


One week Juventus won the Scudetto. The next week Juventus lifted the Scudetto. Juventus Stadium was a party for over 40,000 people as Juve celebrated their second straight Serie A title.

Game Time Thread: Juventus vs. Cagliari


One weekend Juventus celebrates winning the Scudetto, the next they get to lift the trophy in front of their hometown faithful. Juventus Stadium will be filled to the rafters as Juve get to lift...


Arturo Vidal voted Juventus' Player of the Season

Arturo Vidal is good at game. But you already knew that. Still, the Chilean midfielder was voted Juventus' Player of the Season by a vote of the club's premium members.

Juventus-Cagliari Preview: Round 37 — Trophy day


One weekend Juventus celebrates winning the Scudetto, the next they get to lift it above their heads and kiss it as many times as they want. It's trophy day in Turin, with Juventus looking to win...

Post-Game Thread: Juve record 9th straight victory


Just because Juventus wrapped up their second straight Scudetto on Sunday didn't mean they'd just thrown in the towel the rest of the season. Alessandro Matri's goal was the difference as Juve won...

Game Time Thread: Juventus vs. Atalanta


So, the Scudetto's won, now what? Well, for Antono Conte, there's probably just one option: Keep on winning, baby. That's pretty much the only way of doing things for Il Mister, isn't it? Ah,...

Juventus-Atalanta Preview: The Hangover, Part IV?


How will Juventus do the game after they've secured the Scudetto? There's only one way to find out. Antonio Conte's band of bianconeros travel to Bergamo to face Atalanta as Juve chase the club's...

Juve wins 31st title with victory over Palermo!


A fairly standard Juventus game brings home the second scudetto in as many years - but who gets the player of the season award?

Spit take: Paul Pogba handed three-match ban


Paul Pogba's season will be ending a few weeks earlier than the rest of his teammates. Because of his loogie hurled in the direction of Sal Aronica, the young Frenchman was suspended for three...


VOTD: The minutes after Juventus won the Scudetto

You wanna know how Juventus celebrated their second straight Scudetto? Good, because BWRAO's VOTD takes you into the dressing room after the final whistle blew on Sunday.

Juventus celebrates the Scudetto on social media


Over the past two years, Juventus has become one of the biggest clubs when it comes to social media influences. And when the Old Lady clinched the Scudetto on Sunday, the party was certainly shared...

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