Claudio Marchisio wants to stay at Juventus for the rest of his career

Claudio Villa

And we shall all rejoice.

When ranking what kind of person somebody is, Claudio Marchisio is the classiest of all the classy people. You want a guy to model yourself after when it comes to professionalism and all that, Marchisio is your guy. Wether it is on the field or in the press, Marchisio is one of the prime examples of what it means to be a

But this summer hasn't exactly

The floods of stories and piggybacking on rumors regarding Marchisio potentially leaving Turin have significantly outweighed what kind of impact he might have for Italy at the Confederations Cup or how far he's come as a midfielder under the leadership of Juve's last great No. 8, Antonio Conte. Is he off to Manchester? Is there going to be the subject of a bid from France's newest club with tons of cash, Monaco? No matter where it originated from or what club it was, the rumors were flying with no end in sight.

Even with everything going on, did Juve's future captain think he's going anywhere? Nah.

Courtesy of ESPNFC, the next three paragraphs are the jist of Marchisio's interview in Thursday's edition of the Gazetta dello Sport.

"There's talk about the possibility of me leaving every summer," he told Gazetta della Sport. "Of course I'm flattered that top European clubs are linked with me, but my dream is to end my career with Juve.

"I spoke with [Juventus general manager Beppe] Marotta because it was only right that I analysed the situation.

"I wanted to clarify everything with the club, but I never thought there should be any special treatment for me because of the fact I grew up here. In fact, the special treatment comes from me towards the Juventus shirt, which I have loved since I was a baby."

My first thought: I wouldn't expect Marchisio to really say anything to the contrary.

My second thought: It's almost somewhat unfortunate in a way that he has to come out again and again and say that his future is at Juventus and that he wants to stay in Turin for as long as humanly possible.

But I guess that all goes with the territory. Rumors will continue to fly that Marchisio is being pursued by some of the other European heavyweights who have large amounts of money to spend. Case in point: Marchisio was yet again linked with a move to Manchester United just hours after his interview in the Italian press came out. You'd think they'd get the idea or just change things up for the sake of avoiding complete boredom, but I guess not. Marchisio can say all he wants about staying at Juventus, but until he puts pen to paper on another contract extension or the press find another player, the rumors will remain and we will all, in some kind of odd and special way, get a good laugh out of it all...right?

Still, to hear somebody of Marchisio's ilk and importance to the squad say — no matter how many times — that he has no plans to leave the club he is so beloved at is music to my ears. I don't care that he has to repeat himself over and over and over again.

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