Post-Juventus-Chelsea Reaction Link Dump

Even as a man with a clear rooting interest, I think one of the most interesting things following Juventus' return to the Champions League is all the media coverage that comes with it. And by interesting, I don't mean anything to do with Dos Equis, although I'm sure some of you guys wanted to celebrate with a couple after last night's draw.

What I'm trying to get at here is that there were hundreds of thousands of works written about Juve's visit to The Bridge. There weren't just a lot of eyes in the stadium watching, but a whole lot of people who write and analyze the gamefor a living turned their attention towards Wednesday's marquee affair.

Here is a small bit of that. If you have any others, drop them in the comments. I know I didn't get to all of the articles that are floating around the interwebs right now.

Zonal Marking: Juve take advantage of their areas of strength

You like the breaking down of tactics? Well here you go! I know the link was shared in the post-game thread earlier today, but ZM deserves all the pub it can get.

Football Italia: Arturo Vidal — Juve's hobbling hero

Scott Fleming makes the case that Arturo Vidal, ankle injury and all, is the poster boy for Antonio Conte's Juve. Can't say I disagree, especially since King Arturo is a pretty

Football Italia: Juve are back — and with fight

Another quality blog from the Football Italia brantrust. Along the same line of a lot of posts — including from around these parts — regarding the grinta and fighting spirit Juventus showed after they went 2-0 down to Chelsea.

ESPNFC: Juventus earn (and prove) a point

The title of the blog kinda says it all. The draw was much more than just a point in the Group E standings for Juventus.

ESPNFC: Juventus prove they really do belong among the elite

The case for Juventus to be considered one of the best teams in Europe right now. Hey, that's cool in my book.

The Guardian: Juventus steal spotlight from Oscar's early starring role for Chelsea

What is this? An English website? Yes, yes it is. Just a little different perspective for all of you from a very good writer in Daniel Taylor.

ESPNFC PressPass

There's a lot of Chelsea talk — which was expected since ESPN loves them some EPL and they're the current Champions League title holders — but there's also a lot of credit given to Juventus for fight back. It's the first 11 or so minutes of the video, so you can avoid the rest if you want. But there's a whole lot of Juve talk right at the start of the show. That's what I like to hear. Hooray, hooray!

The Score: The Footy Show Vodcast

Another video to take a gander at. They're joined by a guy we've already linked, Mr. Zonal Marking himself, to discuss the Juventus-Chelsea matchup. If you want to skip to when they talk simply Juve, it's a little bit after the seven-minute mark. But they were very complimentary — as they should be — of the Juventus squad.

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