Disclaimer: Just beware of my broken English

Controversy, polemics, to conspiracy theories, I think it’s becoming something we consume for breakfast every Monday, this controversy, that controversy, Juve cheated, the ref is one sided, and anything in the empty accusations category, I say LET US EMBRACE IT.

The Serie A started yesterday and we won our first game against Parma, and unfortunately there are happenings in the match which can be deemed as controversial, such as the supposed offside and dive by Stephan Lichtsteiner and Il Gol di Muntari Pirlo, the ref did play their part in those happenings, IMPARTIALLY, eventhough the mass liked to believe otherwise, now lets get closer to those incidents.

1. The supposed Offside(s) by Lichtsteiner

Yep, not just a case, it’s actually two cases which one of them we all can unanimously agree that it’s not offside, and that is the no offside call decision when Bonucci crossed the ball, supposedly to Vucinic.

The second case though, is where the controversy started, how there’s no offside call there?

If you see carefully, it’s a poor clearance by Paletta which unfortunately directed the ball Lichtsteiners way, so it’s still not an offside.

Some may argue that based on the offside rules set by FIGC, the second scenario is punishable by offside.

Regolamento del Giuoco del Calcio p. 114
Il tiro del calciatore (A) rimbalza da un avversario verso il calciatore (B), compagno di (A). (B) deve essere considerato punibile perché gioca il pallone essendo stato precedentemente in posizione di fuorigioco.

Google Translation: The shot of the player (A) rebounds from an opponent to the player (B), the companion of (A). (B) must be considered punishable because he plays the ball having been previously in an offside position.

Seems legit, right? yes, it does, except the fact on the pitch showed that it’s a poor clearance by Palotta instead of a deflected shot, so… no offside.

2. The dive by Lichtsteiner

Man, you don’t have any idea how I hate divers, effing sissies!

Wait? what would you do if there’s a dangerous incoming tackle and you can actually avoid it, by diving for example, will you dive and with a risk of getting warned / concede a yellow or keep in your way and get yourself a broken leg?

Not all dives are illegal, if a player thinks that the opponents tackle is dangerous and will risk his wellbeing, he’s allowed to jump to avoid the tackle, but there’s still a risk if he just ‘jump’ coz he may end up stomping the tackling opponent, so he’s allowed to dive with the other player concede a foul.

Was Mirantes’ tackle dangerous? just see his right leg.

3. Il Gol di Pirlo

It’s not a surprise that it’s always the same bunch of people who cried controversy, personally I think it’s becoming a tradition here in Calcio, everytime we win there will always a bunch of people who never cease to discredit the win, yes… you may call them LOSERS.

Did the pass passed the line or not? Yes it did pass the line, see it for yourself.

What to take away from the last games controversy? There are still many positive notes but I think the most important thing is the class act of Mister Donadoni, he could’ve choose to fuel the controversy by criticizing the refs, but unlike losers like Mazzari & Zeman, he has a character of a champion… huge respect for you Mister Donadoni!

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